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"Brilliant attorney that will fight for you. Stephanie is the only attorney in the past 9 years that has actually listened to me. She is very competent , knowledgeable and engaging. She has a heart of gold and a vested interest in your circumstances. Do not hesitate to hire Stephanie Rensch."


"Michael helped make a tough divorce easier to manage. He is very detailed, understanding, knowledgeable and made sure to answer any questions I may have in a very professional and prompt manner. I highly recommend Michael."


"Lorna is a brilliant attorney. She is very bright, organized and responds in a timely manner. Her advice is concise and clear, although she certainly listen's to the client carefully and asks all the important questions first. Her background in practicing other types of law was particularly helpful in my case."


"Mr. Jonathan Simon was a perfect balance of bed side manner and legal knowledge. He did an excellent job in planning for my mediation regarding my 6 years old son. However, what made him exceptional was his legal expertise that enabled him to change our strategy at the last minute during our mediation. My son now has a college fund, life insurance protection, and everything a mother would want for their child."


"What can I say about Laura Moffett.....she was FANTASTIC in every way in her role as a divorce attorney. It is an emotionally charged process for anyone going through a divorce. Laura was kind, patient, fair and always had my best interests at heart. She was ethical, on time and EXTREMELY knowledgable regarding the law and my rights. I would highly recommend her services to anyone going through this process and I have already referred her to several friends, each of whom have been equally just as pleased."


"Laura Moffett was great. She went above and beyond any expectation I could have had. She was professional at all times and kept me informed at every step of the way. Even the opposing attorney benefited from Laura's knowledge as she corrected several "mistakes" they had made. I hope I never need an Attorney again....but if I ever do, I know I have the best with Laura."


"Cynthia was way more than I expected. She was always in touch with me and keeping up to date with all the details in my divorce case. I'm very thankful for her hard work and dedication. I recommend her to anyone who wants/needs an attorney that will fight for you. Thank you Cynthia!!"


"Eric Bensen is an outstanding attorney. I highly recommend him.
Mr. Bensen assisted me in a Domestic Violence issue. He helped me with every step. Applying for an injunction, court hearings, and successfully getting a restraining order. He was calming when I felt like my world was falling apart. He knows almost everyone at the courthouse. They all respect, and trust him. He is professional, experienced, and will fight for you!"



The Orlando Family Firm, located conveniently in downtown Orlando, Florida provides compassionate and aggressive representation to those who need it most.  We believe that all clients should be given the opportunity to consult with an attorney so that you can make an educated decision about which family law or divorce attorney is right for you.  Choosing the right attorney is a crucial decision in your case as you must have a true advocate on your side at all times.

Are you contemplating a divorce in Florida? Have you never been married but need to establish child custody and child support? Is your ex-spouse or partner not paying you the amount of child support to which you’re entitled? Has your spouse filed for divorce against you? Then you need an experienced and aggressive family law and divorce attorney to represent your interests.

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Family Law

The Orlando Family Firm is a full service family law firm located conveniently in downtown Orlando. We handle cases in the areas of Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Paternity, Modification, Guardianship, Adoption, Alimony and Asset Distribution. Many clients have asked us what it means to be a family law firm. The answer to that question is… Read More


The Orlando Family Firm of experienced divorce lawyers is here to help. The Orlando Family Firm is a full-service family law firm. We have significant mediation and trial experience in handling divorce, paternity, and modification cases.

Are you considering a divorce? Going through a divorce is an unquestionably emotional time for anyone… Read More

Child Custody

The Orlando Family Firm lawyers understand the importance of child custody cases. The Orlando Family Firm is a full-service family law firm.  We have significant mediation and trial experience in handling divorce and child custody cases around Central Florida.

The proceedings surrounding the dissolution of a marriage can sometimes become an involved and drawn out process… Read More


According to Florida Statute 61.13001(1)(e), relocation “means a change in the location of the principal residence of a parent or other person from his or her principal place of residence at the time of the last order establishing or modifying time-sharing, or at the time of filing the pending action to establish or modify time-sharing… Read More


What is mediation?
Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) where a neutral third person called a mediator acts to encourage and facilitate the resolution of a disagreement between two or more parties. Mediation is a confidential and private process where generally the only persons present are the parties themselves, the parties’ attorneys and a neutral third-party mediator… Read More


As your firm, we will help you with every aspect of the paternity process. We frequently meet with clients who have never been married but have children in common with a former partner.  If this is the situation in your case, and you want to more firmly establish your own rights and those of your child, a Petition for Determination of Paternity and Related Relief is in order… Read More

Complex Asset Distribution

Under Florida Law, all “marital assets” and “marital liabilities” have to be equitably divided between the parties. Distribution of assets and liabilities is governed by Florida Statute 61.075. The Court must begin with the premise that the distribution should be equal and must consider the following factors in making a distribution… Read More

Domestic Violence

If you are the victim of domestic violence, there is a proceeding available through the Court with which you can obtain a temporary and/or permanent injunction against an individual who has committed an act of domestic violence against you.  Domestic violence is defined in Florida Statute 741.28 as “any assault, aggravated assault, battery, aggravated battery, sexual assault… Read More


The attorneys of The Orlando Family Firm understand that living in the United States brings many opportunities and benefits for individuals of different nationalities. That is why our firm works hard to provide our clients with the latest and the most appropriate immigration strategies to reach their goals… Read More

Prenuptial Agreements

As your firm, we will help you with every aspect of the pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement process. The Orlando Family Firm is a full service law firm with significant experience in handling pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements… Read More

Child Support

A common question many family law clients have is “how much child support can I expect to receive after my divorce or custody proceeding is completed?”  The answer lies in the Florida Statutes, Section 61.30, the full text of Florida’s law can be found here. To help you understand what you can expect when child support is an issue, the basic elements are… Read More


The first type of modification case is a child support modification.  Child support modifications should be sought when there is a “substantial change in circumstances” which would either increase or decrease the amount of child support to be paid or received by a party.  Some events that may constitute a substantial change in circumstances are… Read More

Contempt of Court/Enforcement

Oftentimes, a Court order goes ignored by a party who decides that they simply do not want to follow it.  The good news is that the Court has Contempt or Enforcement powers to enforce prior Court orders.  If you are seeking to enforce a child support or alimony obligation against a party who refuses to pay, you can file a Motion for Contempt and… Read More

Name Change

When a party wishes to change his or her name, they generally must petition the court to do so and attend a hearing. This process can be made especially simple with the help of an attorney. If a person is not returning to a former name, fingerprints must be submitted to the clerk of court and a criminal background check must be run… Read More


The Orlando Family Firm will help you get the alimony you deserve. The Orlando Family Firm is a full-service family law firm. We can help you learn more about your potential right to obtain alimony from your spouse during a divorce. Are you considering a divorce? The Orlando Family Firm can help you understand your rights during this difficult process… Read More

Step-Parent Adoption

Step-parent adoption can often be the final step in completing your family. There is often a strong emotional bond between a child and his or her step-parent, but that step-parent will not have the legal rights of a natural parent unless they choose to proceed with an adoption. A step-parent may make the decision to formally adopt his or her spouse’s child… Read More

Collecting Past Due Support

In the current economic times, more and more people find themselves in a situation where they are owed past due child support, alimony or attorney’s fees.  Many people also are facing situations where an ex-spouse was ordered to pay a marital debt or an equalization payment but is refusing or unable to do so.  Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you… Read More


The Orlando Family Firm can help people get out from under unmanageable debt. With our help, you can take the first step to getting your life back and moving forward toward a new financial beginning. During your consultation with one of our attorneys, we will review your financial situation, answer your questions and… Read More


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