Name Change

When a party wishes to change his or her name, they generally must petition the court to do so and attend a hearing. This process can be made especially simple with the help of an attorney. If a person is not returning to a former name, fingerprints must be submitted to the clerk of court and a criminal background check must be run. If a person wishes to restore a former name, fingerprints and a background check will not be necessary. A person may automatically have his or her name changed in connection with an adoption or divorce action, however, in most other circumstances, a person must petition the court separately for a name change.

The Orlando Family Firm, located conveniently in downtown Orlando is a full-service family law firm dedicated to providing compassionate and aggressive representation for our clients.  As Orlando Name Change Attorneys we are focused on representing you and getting your legal matters resolved as quickly and proactively as possible.  Our firm typically handles family law cases throughout Central Florida in Orange County, Osceola County and Seminole County.  We have significant trial experience in handling name change filing.  We believe that communication with our clients is of utmost importance so that our clients know exactly what is going on in their case and to help take the mystery out of the legal process.  Going through a divorce or other family law proceeding is a trying time for our clients and we provide the peace of mind to help our clients resolve and move past their family legal issues.

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